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BODEGA EL RECODO (Wine Cellar "El Recodo") is a very loved project we have carried along with a help of good friends, all of us driven by an enthusiasm to create good wines of our land.

It is a project we have accomplished after 15 years of sucessful work on wine breeding.

Ours is a small artisanal cellar, which does not exclude modern techniques to control the various stages of the process to achieve high quality wines.

We ourselves harvest manually the grapes in small boxes; After that we select them in the cellar, then the grape clusters are destemmed.

Fermentation is done under temperature control: 27°C and 20°C for tumultuous and malolactic respectively. After that the wine is introduced in new barrels of french and american oak wood. After barrel's time the wine is clarified and bottled; It will stay in bottle at least the same time spent in the barrel, in order to ensure the reduction process.

The result of this process are some extraordinay wines, which are telling us:

   "Try me"

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